Be That Game Changer

I heard some ladies say they dropped a business idea, plan or dream because according to them, a lot of people are already into it, like really? I laugh when I hear that. So because a lot of people are into the business you dump your dream? Your plan? Something you have always wanted to do? You are not serious!

Would you say because a lot of people are making money so you won’t make? Sometimes we use our hands to kill that dream, that passion that will forever put food on our tables and give us lasting fulfillment.

You have a passion for hairdressing, but you think everyone is a hairdresser naw so no need again, you wanna be a makeup artist but everyone is learning the act of makeup artistry on YouTube so you dumped the idea, I know graduates making a living off it, I have friends here who inspire me with what they do, you have a passion for sewing, but because you feel everyone has a sewing machine at home you won’t pursue what makes you happy?

Look here, I see business as the sky, if all the birds of the air decides to come out one day and fly, I bet you none of them will collide because there is definitely enough space for them all. Same thing with business, no matter how saturated you think that particular market is, the ‘sky’ is definitely very wide for all to fly.

I was opportune to live with my aunt in Onitsha, she deals in suits for both male and female, if you are conversant with how big markets like Onitsha main market are arranged you’ll notice that every business have a ‘Line’, when you go to a particular line you see different shops selling the same items on that line, my aunty’s shop is down down the line but guess what? Everyone in that line makes sales at the end of the day, that is business. Look very well and be creative and innovative, there has got to be something those in that industry or market are not doing rightly, go in to ‘right’ the ‘wrongs’, there is an untapped area, go in to be a game changer, go in to be the best you can ever be, package yourself and brand. Most importantly know why you’re doing it, if you are going into it with the mind to #PepperThem I bet you will soon pack up, do it because you really want to. If I wake up tomorrow and decide that i’ve got passion for sewing or shoe making I won’t look at your faces, i’ll do what I gotta do. Get up and do it! Do something!‎


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Written by Valentine Ezeh

Valentine Ezeh

Application developer, Project Management professional and an IT consultant


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