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    Permit me to draw your attention to the decadence our society celebrate today as norm. Society which was once revered is the same highly disdained; paradox of life. I am deeply perturbed alongside with many about the channel through which this cankerworm entered. Could it be the modern technological trend? Lackadaisical attitude of parents? Fiscally […] More

  • courtesy
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    18 Things That Courtesy Demands

    “No one is more insufferable than he who lacks basic courtesy.” ― Bryant McGill “Courtesy costs nothing, but buys everything.” ― Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S Courtesy demands the following 1. In case you miss a call, drop a message as soon as possible if you are unable to call back. Also, when in the middle of […] More

  • social challenge

    Real Social Media Challenge

    So I was tagged to a challenge where I needed to upload a picture of myself and tag 20-30 other ladies to upload theirs too, the aim they said is to ‘build each other up’ and not ‘tear each other down’, please what exactly are we building up by uploading our pictures? What sort of […] More

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    The foolery of the old, an eye opener to the youths.

    Some few years back when asked about his charity foundations in Africa, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook had this to say: “I know there are a lot of brains wasting in that continent because of lack of resources to harness them. I am the CEO of Facebook today because I grew up in the […] More

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    Deceptive Package Of The Modern Day Ladies

    The rate at which ladies ‘deceive’ men these days is alarming, ‎i mean, we ‘package’ everything these days, the ‎fashion industry is not even helping matters, it was just padded bra then, now we have padded hips and bum and even silicon breast. Last year when I was still in school my twin returned to […] More

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    Do you dream of a better marriage? then you need an instant upgrade to a better version of you. It is common to see two love birds in a very happy relationship as boyfriends and girlfriends but the story changes immediately the term marriage is pronounced. Below are some tips on how to fight fair […] More

  • first year students
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    Egregious characters of first year students

    In every tertiary institution, first year students have these glaring characters they exhibit.. No matter how matured they are, those behaviours are pronounced in their daily activities in school. 1.They all claim to be managing the school hostel or their off campus lodges even when its clearly written in their body that they live in […] More

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    Robot Likely To Replace You at Work-Check Now!!

    By Barb Darrow It’s hardly a theoretical exercise to wonder if you will lose your job to a robot. Robots, or some form of automation, are already affecting the livelihoods of physicians, Air-plane Pilots and journalists—plus factory workers, of course. Speech and vision recognition is getting better, aided by improved cameras and algorithms. Self-driving cars […] More

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