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    Diary of a feminist

    As time passes by I have come to understand and appreciate womanhood,I mean being a woman is a full time job there is just so much pressure on women from the society,family,the media,friends. women are being looked down on and abused on a daily basis,the global estimate by WHO indicates that 1 in 3 women […] More

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    Man’s weakness starts when his woman knows how money enters his wallet?

    This topic is quite arguable but a greater percentage of it tells the reality. It is true that everybody likes money but women has affection to it especially those that depend on her man’s income. So what happens when a woman knows how money enters his man’s wallet? A single man has 100% control over himself. He treats plans […] More

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    Why Half Bread Is NOT Better Than Bons

    I know you are curious. Or angry. How dare you say “Half bread is better than Bons”? Well, I won’t waste much of your time. *clears throat* Good evening, Mr Madueke (or Mr Moderator if you like.), Ladies and Gentlemens, co-tenants and onions. I am standing here to proposing the motion that Half Bread is […] More