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  • single believers wooing skills
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    Single Believers- Sharpen Your Wooing Skills Today

    Dear Spiritual Sisters, Just because a gentle believing brother asked you out at church doesn’t make him any less spiritual, and neither does it reduce his anointing. Do not loose your respect for him because he ministers in the morning and woos you at night, do not look down on his level of grace because […] More

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    Deceptive Package Of The Modern Day Ladies

    The rate at which ladies ‘deceive’ men these days is alarming, ‎i mean, we ‘package’ everything these days, the ‎fashion industry is not even helping matters, it was just padded bra then, now we have padded hips and bum and even silicon breast. Last year when I was still in school my twin returned to […] More

  • bad condition



    Crazy things bad conditions can cause to people

    When we talk about hard time in a state, we would first thought about those implications of war. Though, I have not witnessed war but history made us knowledgeable about every actions that occurred. I still remember what my grand mom used to tell me, “Nna, your dad was one of my most luckiest son. […] More

  • begging and poverty



    Begging as a surviving tactics for the 419 and lazy people

    I hope you have come about this situation in your street or nearby environment where beggars are no longer the physically challenged peoples. We used to know beggars mostly as one particular tribe in Nigeira, the blind, crippled and other forms of physical challenges. Also, we know that they only beg either on the streets, roads […] More

  • The interesting Street life



    Street! What does Street life mean to you?

    Street! What does Street life mean to you? Does it mean bad guys or rough lifestyles – Weed gang ways or living in remote or sub-urban places? I have heard street brought up are no go areas. Very tough and wild guys. The word street is even quite synonymous to Agbero, barrow pushers, weed boys, […] More