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So I belonged to a particular singles, dating and marriage group where they have discussions or rather daily time table, so one of those days they were discussing sex.

I saw all sorts of comments talking about dating and sex, one of such that caught my attention was that ‘every relationship has to be sexual else the meaning will be lost’, I was shocked because almost everyone agreed to it.

Well, I simply made my own comment which states that ‘not all relationships are sexual’. I came under heavy attacks by commenters, expecially ladies, some called me ‘pretender’, ‘virgin Mary’, asking me if I would be given an award for denying something I do on a daily, one even mentioned that she just checked my profile picture and that am the type that takes sex like doctor’s prescription, how she arrived at that conclusion still beats me, as if the amount of sex one has taken in one’s lifetime is written boldly on one.

I maintained my previous stance that NOT all relationships are sexual because mine is not, the lady told me am a bloody lier and that I shouldn’t even flatter myself, that if my man is not getting it from me he’s getting it elsewhere. I told her that wasn’t true, OK, assuming that was true how about me? does it now mean since am not giving sex in a relationship am getting it elsewhere too? She replied ‘Yes’ strongly, that am sure getting it outside if am not getting it with him, other ladies came to her support, I realized I was the only one standing.

What then did I do? I maintained my stance and quietly exited the group. I refuse to be in a place where people’s opinions are not respected, see how they were putting it to me that am getting sex elsewhere if am not getting it with the guy am with.

This goes to show the level of moral decadence in the society, everyone now believes that sex in a dating relationship is as vital as the air we breathe, people come on here and tell us the number of persons they’ve slept with as if there is a medal for the person with the highest body count. At the risk of sounding too holy, I still maintain that sex before marriage is wrong! No youth should come here and justify it no matter the reason you put forth, it’s incredible how it’s even supposed Christians that justify this act. Sex is not just an act, it is a spiritual encounter, you don’t want to have it with every ‘Tom, dick and harry’, let’s stop trivializing it already.

All through my life I have walked alone, am a loner right from my childhood days, I have never walked with the crowd, that majority are doing it doesn’t make it right, even if it means walking alone with no cliches or circles do it, sin is sin no matter how white you paint it, let’s call a spade a spade and not a giant fork.


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Written by Chioma Nwadike

Chioma Nwadike

A financial analyst, business consultant, health and safety professional, relationship coach, Writer and CEO OmaCraftique, makers of Fashionable hats, hatinators, fascinators and turbans‎

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