Sexual Urge

Let’s talk about this. Sexual urge also known as ‘konji’ is a crucial issue indeed amongst singles today, the issue of sexual urges is presently present in every relationship both godly and ungodly, how the people in both groups now handle the urges is what matters.

God created us humans, He invented sex too, and sexual urge is inherent in every functional sexually healthy human being. Sexual urge in relationships, expecially the Christian one can be tamed/restrained, yes! but we need the help of God to do it, the Bible says the love of Christ constrains us.

As a young person courting, sexual urges comes up at any time, expecially when you are with the one you love, now let’s be frank and plain here, two persons in a courting relationship that love each other dearly will always desire each other, I heard some lady say that her partner isn’t God-fearing simply because he had an erection when he was around her, can you just imagine? My dear, that’s how the Lord created him, in fact quote me anywhere, I repeat, if as a young lady, your partner doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you when you both are together, if he doesn’t struggle with holding himself when with you, something is wrong with him medically or otherwise yes! Same thing applies to the ladies too.

The urge is always there to touch, caress or even consummate your love for your partner, but then as a believer that’s where the restraining power of the Holy spirit comes in, you hold yourself and remember the Bible injunction of no-sex-before-marriage, you remember the guilt you that’ll ‘kill’ you if you do it(for those who have working consciences), the love of Christ in you and above all you have the desire to do it at the right time with your partner, so you both will keep your marriage bed undefiled!

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Written by Chioma Nwadike

Chioma Nwadike

A financial analyst, business consultant, health and safety professional, relationship coach, Writer and CEO OmaCraftique, makers of Fashionable hats, hatinators, fascinators and turbans‎

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