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    Onyema my secondary school friend

    On Monday morning as I was taking my little cousin to school, I ran into Onyemaechi my classmate then in secondary school who left with his uncle to Italy for business after our JS 3. He came back for his grandma’s burial. Mehn, you needed to see Onyema… The guy ebuwasigo. He is made to […] More

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    Shining in darkness

    When I talk out there people don’t believe I was born and bred in a very local area of one of the states of the south-south where it’s said that the real pidgin English and all manner of slang and intonation originated from. You see, growing up in that neighbourhood was something else, then as […] More

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    The Nursing Mum And The Faithful Cat

    A cat was so faithful that the woman could leave her baby with it & go out to attend other matters.She always returned to find the child soundly asleep with the cat faithfully watching over him. One day something tragic happened. The woman as usual, left the baby in the “hands” of this faithful cat […] More

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    You should not wait for your man for everything

    A young lady probably on a visit to her man’s house. This might be her first visit to this new place for a hot weekend shift #TGIF   Her man earlier called when she entered the same cab with me. I think overhead him mention a particular area which is almost along my estate. I […] More

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    Success Story of a beautiful Nigerian Hawker

    Hope Odinaka took to her Facebook wall to share pictures of her hawking and what maybe assumed as her conformably sitting in her office. She captioned is as “Be humble and get what you want Cuz Every Successful person has a story to tell” ##Mymummysprayerskeepmegoing #Goddetestpride #odibestdyoungaccountant   Lesson: whatever you find yourself doing do […] More

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    What I went through because of debt

    Debt means many things, but will be defined in this context as “money owing”. Getting in debt is easy you know, some entered it willingly while some found themselves in it. But whichever debt should be avoided. Debt consumes you, makes you a laughing stock and the funniest thing is “hiding does not make it […] More

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    True Story of My five University Roommates and I

    Hi! My name is Chuks. My friends used to call me bugzy. This is a true roommates story of mine. From my freshman to graduation in the university, I have had five different roommates yet I was not giving any award of recognition for such record during our night. I always wanted more than five […] More